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About Me

Patrick Kaloust ASLANIAN

Born in Paris in 1956, of Greek father, of Armenian origin, and of French mother. His first interests for art began in 1966, he wrote his first poems and songs.


In 1970 he lives in seine St Denis where he has his painting studio. For the sculptor, it is a Belgian friend, Jean-Marie Béchet who lends him his workshop, in Issy les Moulineaux.


In Paris, he was influenced by the ideas of DE STILJ, of the Bauhaus school in Germany. In his travels to Holland, he discovered Hans Arp, Paul Klee, Van Gogh, Pietr Mondrian, and also in Paris such as Luc Peire and his friend Jean-Pierre Ghesquière, an abstract painter.


In 1977, he settled in Greece and learned his father's language. He discovers Greek music which remains one of his great passions.


In 1979 he left Greece to go to the Edinboro State University in Pennsylvania. He moved to the south of France and obtained a first cycle of Architecture in Luminy where he studied the history of art And his great passion the different theories of color and harmonies.


In 1981 he returned to Greece and stayed there until 1987. During this period he made several exhibitions in Thessaloniki.


From 1987 to 1989 he studied at the Ecole Normale d'Teachers of Draguignan. He practices in the Var. It is at this time that he discovers computer science which will rapidly become a tool at the service of its creation.


In 1992 with Guy Simon and Joanny Tierrant he founded Orenda Création and organized numerous exhibitions and competitions until 1998.


Subsequently, he became animator in computer science at Saint Maximin and taught at the workshop of the commune.




In 2009 he settled in Crete where he build a homestudio. He embarked on the shaping of his musical compositions. 18 albums have been published till today.


Part of his graphic universe is abstract while the other remains anchored in the landscapes that he meets daily. Much of his current creations are digital.

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